"Rickard A. Parker" wrote:
> Have you actually read Summers' comments?  For those interested the
> transcript is at

(I have read it.} For an extensive discussion, try

The threads start on January 16 under the subject heading Summers on
Women and continue up to the present under various headings: Role of
Genetics, Harvard President, Why Technically Talented Women Would Rather
Be Doctors, Summers Feeling the Heat, Not a Faustian Bargain, Goldin &
Katz say "Summers is right, Summers's Storm, innateness, On Track,
Recommended Reading, Becker: discrimination can't exist, IAFFE should do
something on Summers, Article: "Harvard Chief's Words On Innate
Difference Lack Basis in Science, FW: Slate Article: Don't Let Larry
Summers Off the Hook Yet, "summers, women, economics," Data Sources on
Disc. Against Women in Academe, [Feb. 1] families, work, and public
policy, summers flap, with thanks to H Baber, Chronicle article: Can
Harvard Ever Play a Positive Role forWomen in Higher Education?,
Tenuring at Harvard, Is Summers Summers?, univ presidents rebuke
Summers, conflict and framing, Re: Presidents' letter, 4 points on
Summers transcript, Socialization, socialization, discrimination, thick
sociality, structure, NYTimes Editorial.


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