“The place to assess her work (Wendy Doniger) is in
the academy, not polemical billboards or Web pages.”


That was a statement that caught my attention on the
letters section of the Febraury edition (Vol 97)  of
the University of Chicago

I don’t want to go deep into the related details (the
URL has enough details), but I am concerned if that
statement has a very tragic paradox implied in it. 
Can ‘Academy’ be only an isolated organization
promoting intelligence only to the few related to it ?
 Or is it that the ‘Academy’ has become so
sophisticated that no one other than it can make any
sense of it ?  Either way, as related to a statement
as that, despite what goes before it, seems to me only
to imply a malady of our modern education.  

I remember Eliot too making a note of this issue about
criticism being practiced in his times mostly by
university professors (Frontiers of Criticism?).   I
remember him making a note that he wasn’t much worried
about it though.  I would only wonder if he would have
similarly felt so had he lived in our times ! 

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