The Freie Universitaet Berlin International Summer University - FUBiS 2005:

In 2004, over 400 students from 45 different countries studied at FUBiS in
35 courses covering subjects as varied as Architecture, Environmental
Policy, German Culture, History, Literature and Art, European Studies, and,
of course, the German Language.  In 2005, FUBiS will offer two different
Summer Sessions:

Summer Session I from June 5 to July 14

Summer Session II from July 17 to August 12

Students have the opportunity to study course within the field of German
Literature and Culture:

*   German Philosophy: Kant, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Habermas

Wolfgang Bialas, Dr., Freie Universitaet Berlin

*   Deutsche Exilliteratur - Thomas Mann, Bertolt Brecht, Theodor W. Adorno

Peter Rosenbaum, Dr., University of Pennsylvania

*   Berlin: East meets West

Dirk Verheyen, Dr., Freie Universitaet Berlin

*   Culture and Civiization: Romanticism to the Present

Peggy Setje-Eilers, Dr., Vanderbilt University

*   Berlin Today: Mapping the Multicultural City Photography Workshop

Bruce Spear, Dr., Freie Universitaet Berlin

*   Brecht, Benn, Kafka und das Bauhaus: Berlin der zwanziger Jahre

Sabine Doran, Dr., University of California Riverside

FUBiS also complemented its curriculum with German language courses on at
least five levels of proficiency. Courses are open to undergraduate,
graduate and post-graduate students. Participants must have finished at
least one year of university or college education to be eligible. Please be
aware that all content based courses are taught in English from the
distinguished FUBiS faculty, consisting of highly qualified international
professors. This enables students to participate in this unique opportunity
of studying abroad in Berlin, regardless of whether they speak German or not
but might learn German as a foreign language. All FUBiS courses are part of
the international European Credit Transfer System (ECTS); Students will earn
4 to 8 credit points for each course.

Please visit the new webpage to find the course schedules for the two summer
sessions in 2005 as well as information regarding the program, credits, fees
and scholarships:  <>

For contact please write to: [log in to unmask]


Mathias Lehmann

FUBiS - Program Director

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