Call for Papers for the South Central Modern Langauge Assosciation
German III Section (German-language Culture and Literature from 1890-present):
Spaces for das Glück (happiness)

Description:  What is the nature of the discourse on Glück in German-language culture?  Themes that intersect
with Glück might include but are not limited to:  self-fulfillment, community, role of the state, role of religion,
philosophy, morality, quality of life, Schadenfreude (malicious pleasure), boredom, thrill-seeking, and

Conference to be held Oct. 27-29 in Houston, Texas at the Warwick Hotel in the heart of Houston's museum

Submit abstracts of 500 words or less by March 15, 2005, to:

Jennifer Van Hyning, Dept. of Germanic Studies, University of Texas at Austin:    [log in to unmask]
Hester Baer, Modern Languages, University of Oklahoma: [log in to unmask]

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