Alternative Realities: Fantastic Literature, Science Fiction and Myth
A Panel Discussion at the Eighth International Literature and Humanities
INSCRIPTIONS '05: an arts and culture conference and festival
at Eastern Mediterranean University
in Famagusta, on the island of Cyprus
 May 12th - 13th, 2005

Both Fantastic Literature and Science Fiction are considered to pioneer
alternative narratives for alternative realities in different sign systems
by favoring and availing of escapism. Examining the cogency of this
consideration while inquiring the degree to which myth functions or
intervenes in the discourses may open up a number of possible critical

INSCRIPTIONS '05 invites submissions for an inclusive Panel Discussion
either arranged according to the topics that are presented below or any
proposition engaging with broader contexts.

Possible topics might include but are not limited to:

-                     cybertext and hypertext: narration and virtual reality
-                     cyber-, hyper- and techno- terminology, and neologism
-                     science fiction as prophecy
-                     corporeal and cerebral metamorphosis
-                     reification of hybridity in fictionalized identity
-                     the threat, perfection and revenge of reproduction
-                     cybernetic organism (cyborg): Robocop and
tele-computer human of millennium
-                     androids and androgens: Philip K. Dick and Ursula K.
Le Guin
-                     neo-definition of education: Harry Potter, The
Earthsea Trilogy and X-Men
-                     film noir, neo noir and future noir in science fiction
-                     semiotic reading of orientalism, terrorism, Gnosticism
and eclecticism in cyberpunk movies
-                     maturation of science fiction criticism: from
Gernsbeck to Moorcock and Ellison's New Wave movement
-                     adaptation among arts: a matter of "taste"?
-                     psycho-sexuality and techno-eroticism: Metropolis
-                     sur-national/ physical and cerebral communication,
tyranny of machine technology, anarchism, computer
                      fantasies/ machine fetishism/ psychological
-                     science, systems and sex: The Dispossessed
-                     challenging or conforming the dominance of myth
-                     alternation through the surreality in Lacanian terms
-                     surpassing science fiction, fantastic literature and
-                     techno-heroism: modified messiahs
-                     myth and mythmaking
-                     theorizing trans-temporal, inter-dimensional gates and
re-configured bodies
-                     compromising fate and free will: choices of "the
-                     meta-narrative of the alternative: Barthes' myth,
Althusser's ideology and Gramsci's hegemony
-                     simulacra and simulation: Baudrillard and the
-                     reassessing the "other": extra-terrestrial or
terrestrial, immigrant or inhabitant, cyborg or human
-                     technophilosophical utopias/ dystopias
-                     formulating subversion: avatars of reality

Prospective panelists are invited to send 250-word abstracts/proposals for
15-20 minute presentations on any aspect of these areas to
[log in to unmask] by 11th February, 2005. We look forward to learning
about your research, and to a provocative discussion.

For more information about INSCRIPTIONS '05,
please visit our website at
Please also check out our links to "Individual Research Presentations" and
"Creative/Performance Work."

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