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* 20 Dec, 2004
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Coverage:  Missouri Statewide
Compiler:  Kristi Mayo
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Compiled 20 Dec, 2004

This is the Monday, December 20, 2004 Missouri Bird Alert, a statewide
service of the Audubon Society of Missouri, serving the birding
community of Missouri since 1901.  The bird alert is compiled from
reports submitted by ASM members and other birders throughout the state.

A MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD was discovered during the Big Oak Tree CBC on
Friday, Dec. 17. The bird was located along the road that traces the
southern boundary of Ten Mile Pond CA (Mississippi Co.), at the bridge
over the drainage ditch. DIRECTIONS: (Missouri DeLorme Atlas, page 69,
F-6) Take Hwy 80 east from East Prairie to Hwy 102.  Turn right (south)
and go past Ten Mile Pond to County Road 518. Turn left on CR 518 and
go about 2 or 3 miles to an old concrete bridge with rusted rails. Park
just before or after the bridge, and look back the way you came. When
it was relocated on Sunday by several birders, the bluebird sat in the
road just 20-30 feet from the bridge, and along the ditch on both sides
of the road.

Also on the Big Oak Tree CBC, a BLUE-HEADED VIREO and two PALM WARBLERS
were surprise sightings. The BLUE-HEADED VIREO was located about 3/4
mile west of the Ten Mile Pond CA headquarters; the PALM WARBLERS were
found in the same location as the MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD.

Two BLACK SCOTERS were seen by Josh Uffman in Ellis Bay, across from
Heron Pond, at Riverlands Environmental Demonstration Area (REDA) (St.
Charles Co.) on Friday, Dec. 17. At least one of these birds was still
present on Saturday.

The adult CALIFORNIA GULL, first reported on Dec. 2 at REDA, was seen
by Dave Rogles on Saturday, Dec. 18 at the gull roost in Ellis Bay.

The juvenile female BLACK-CHINNED HUMMINGBIRD was still visiting the
feeder at the Asher residence in Farmington (St. Francois Co.) on
Saturday, Dec. 18. This represents a first state record (pending
acceptance by the Missouri Bird Records Committee). The Asher residence
is at 109 Hawthorne, Farmington. Phone: 573-756-9139. Visitors will be
welcome to go around the left side of the garage (or through the garage
if open). The feeder is hanging by the back door. There are other bird
feeders in the yard and they are very active. After entering Farmington
from US 67, go to the fourth stoplight, turn right on North Washington
Street and drive past the courthouse to East Columbia Street. Turn left
and go two blocks to State Hwy H and turn right. You will be on South
Henry Street. Go south, leaving the city and turning left on Old
Fredericktown Road. Continue a few blocks to Hawthorne, which is to the
left. The Ashers live in the third house on the left side.

A female RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD is coming to a feeder at the residence of
Paul and Charlene Harris in Joplin (Jasper Co.). The bird was last
reported on Sunday, Dec. 19 during the Joplin CBC. Birders are welcome.
Address: 5237 E. 32nd St., Joplin. To get there: From I-44 exit 11A and
stay on 11A to south Hwy 71 for 0.2 miles then exit FF or E 32nd. Then,
from Flying J on FF/32nd St., go west less than 0.4 mile. It is the
first and only house on the north side of the road. It's right next to
another Conoco station.

Information regarding membership in the Audubon Society of Missouri may
be obtained from Bonnie Heidy, Membership Chair, at 573-442-2191, Joyce
Bathke, Treasurer, at 573-445-5758, or at the Audubon Society of
Missouri webpage:

Kristi Mayo
Missouri RBA compiler
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