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> I wonder if they would do a discount for an order of, say, a dozen
> or more.  I'd go in on a group effort, if there is sufficient interest
> to generate a volume warranting a decent discount.  (I'd say $75,
> rather than pounds, is the upper bound for me.)

Never mind 75 pounds, even 75 dollars for a tape is too high for me.
Especially for a dying technology.  But I think I have a better idea.

In the U.S. April is (besides being the cruelest month) National
Poetry Month.  Maybe we could persuade PBS to pick up the rights to
broadcast TWL then.  Then we could tape the show off the air for free,
have the production company get paid more money for less work and
introduce Eliot to a larger audience too.

But what show would be the likely candidate to petition?  "Great
Performances" or "Masterpiece Theater" come to mind (particularly the
first.)  Any others?  And then TWL appeared to be 35 minutes long so
what could fill in the rest of the hour, selections from Cats? ;-)


    Rick Parker