Your point is well made, Vishvesh. I just don't
agree that writing is here to stay. It may be
playing a strong new role in emerging countries,
but it is weaking just as fast annd probably
faster in its countries of origin.

Among the current culprits is iPod.


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Since writing has come to stay, I think it is better
to focus on it regardless of whatever its real value
is.  If I made a point that a villager in rural India,
who has never even seen a school fares much better in
his understanding of life through his daily
interaction with the land and its fruits than a
university professor who has toiled all his life
through books, I wouldn't be blabbering, for 'Life' is
a complex affair and our perception of it could have
various modes.  If Wordsworth didn't care to look
beyond his conviction that 'The child is the father of
man...', we wouldn't be knowing him today.  I am not
trying here to make a point that writing is the
pinnacle of intelligence.  I don't think anyone who
has had any real education would say so either. But
since we have all come to look at it as the primary
mode of expression, I think it is good to see what
affects it.

--- Peter Montgomery <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Very sophisticated societies have lasted for
> millenia through oral
> culture. What is this unholy worship of writing,
> anyway?
> Life is too short, and I have a nice roast beef
> sandwich to eat.
> P.

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