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Subject: CfP: AVANTGARDE in AUSTRIA (Aston, Birmingham,18 March 2005)

As part of a lecture series on Avantgarde Art (Dec 2004 - June 2005), organised by the Centre for the Study of Literature and Society (Aston University, Birmingham), a one-day symposium on the topic

"What is an avant-garde? An Austrian approach"

will take place at ASTON UNIVERSITY on March 18th, 2005.

Keynote speakers will include:

Wolfgang Mueller-Funk (University of Vienna, Austria)
Klaus Kastberger (University of Vienna, Austria)
Ruediger Goerner (Queen Mary College, London)

Reading by Friedrich Achleitner, author and member of the Austrian avantgarde movement, the Wiener Gruppe

This symposium aims to investigate literary responses to Austria's past from the 1940s onwards, focusing on what has been called a "synchronicity" of an avant-garde and a post-avant-garde movement in Austria. This phenomenon of a twofold movement is due to the specific socio-historical conditions to be found in pre- and post-war Austria. It has not yet been fully discussed how these conditions have generally fostered a somewhat "blurry" image of an Austrian avant-garde, as opposed to the distinctly identifiable French avant-garde of the 1930s. The symposium endeavours to contribute to the discussion on whether to categorize Austrian writing of the 1950s and 60s as either "avant-garde", "neo-realist", or chiefly politically motivated.

Papers are invited on:

- Different definitions of "avant-garde" literature, especially socio-critical approaches to the topic
- Austrian history of the 20th century and its implications for modern Austrian literature
-  Political and aesthetic resistance by means of words/language
- Literature and ideology
- The 18th century Austrian tradition of the "Volkskomödie"/ "Volkstheater" (Nestroy a.o.) and its influence on 20th century literature
Deadline for the one-page abstract: January 15th, 2005
Please email  your abstract or any further requests to Heide Kunzelmann ([log in to unmask]).  

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