From: Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner


Victims and Perpetrators: 1933-1945 and beyond ... (Re)Presenting the
Past in Post-Unification Culture

Submissions are invited for a collection of essays addressing the
representation and reevaluation of World War II and post-war
suffering in German post-unification texts.  Proposals from all
disciplines are encouraged.  Possible areas of inquiry include, but
are not limited to

*       Literary and/or filmic representation of escape, forced
expulsion, rape, and
Allied bombings
*       Public and personal commemoration of World War II
*       The politics of memory: German suffering seen from within and
from abroad
*       Generational differences in the representation and evaluation
of suffering
*       "Working through the Past" in the twenty-first century
*       Collective mourning?
*       European or transnational mourning?

Please send an abstract of 350 words to both Laurel Cohen-Pfister and
Dagmar Wienroder-Skinner by December 31, 2004 either per e-mail or
regular mail.   Both addresses are listed below.  Please be sure to
include your name, e-mail address and postal address as contact

Those contributors whose abstracts are accepted are requested to
submit their completed article for consideration by May 15, 2005.
Those articles accepted for publication must be revised by July 31,
2005. The anticipated publication date of the anthology is Fall 2005.

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