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According to a nationwide poll, there were 78 % of Swiss people in favor of Kerry.
It's not up to the Swiss or the French or the Polish.  It's up to the Americans to choose who their President will be.   I really thought Kerry would win Ohio because of the large number of manufacturing job losses that occurred in that state and because of the large turnout, but I guess people are more concerned about other issues such as national security. And, people are more conservative on some social issues that prompt them to vote Rebpublican. 
And, Gunnar, the U.S. economy is not desolate.  If that was the case, then Bush would not have won.
As for Kerry, I feel that he did a good job in campagning, and Edwards, too.  The only negative, I feel, was Kerry's wife.  I know that a lot of people were turned off by her, as she comes across as too foreign and uppity. I don't know why Kerry lost, but I'm sure it will be analyzed and analyzed in the coming weeks.