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BTW, anyone watching _Joan of Arcadia_? The non-moralistic moral themes
of Eliot are
there, not that they were taken from Eliot. They just match. The
consequences of choices.
The presence of God in the ordinary.

I've wanted to see it, as I've heard good things about it, but I've yet to partake of it.  I have seen a couple of episodes of "Jack and Bobby," which I liked much.   I hardly ever remember when any particular show is on.  I like the West Wing, but I don't know to this day what day it is on.  I'll be seeing a rerun of it most of the time from a couple of years ago.  The only regular time when I watch tv is late in the evening when I should be sleeping, but we'll turn it on to catch some of the news du jour and then Letterman or Leno or a rerun of The Nanny.