Is there any indication whatsoever that "people have parted" with Eliot's POETRY?
And isn't that the ONLY thing that REALLY matters?
Jacek Niecko
Washington DC  
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Just read an article from The New Criterion by Roger Kimball from Oct 1999.  To jog everyone's memory, Kimball more or less writes about Eliot's legacy and how it is fading.  Among other critics, he mentions Cynthia Ozick and her piece on Eliot in The New Yorker in 1989, which I have not read.
Anyone remember this article or the one by Ozick?  I am very depressed to see that people are parting with Eliot and all that he did.  This is the second time in just two weeks that I have been made aware that Eliot is not important now as he should still be, and forever be.

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