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Kate buys into this strange "hate Frechy" craze, which a sizable minority seems to equate with loving the USA.  If you'd just consider the source when reading her comments, you'd save yourself a lot of annoyance, and avoid throwing pearls to swine.
Tom, I don't hate the French.  I don't agree with Chirac, but that would be akin to saying that the French hate Americans because they disagree with Bush.  I still buy brie cheese, and I've never bought French wine, as I like white wine and CA wine is just as good in the white  wine department.  But, I do know people who don't buy French wine anymore. And, that's their choice and opinion.  As for pearls, I have one strand of pearls, given to me on my wedding day by my parents. That's not a metahpor.  It's simply tradition.

Kate, that's a metaphor: no need to remind me of the many ways in which you are not swine-like.  Or, for that matter, that your husband is, was, or speaks French, or whatever it was you last used to try to justify your support of a fashionable bigotry.
It's true that I'm fashioable, but only in the literal matter of fashion.  My husband doesn't just speak French.  He grew up there.  He didn't come to America until he was 25 years old.  I'd say that was a little more than just speaking French.

Tom K