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You must admit there is a certain charm to "a Shah, a King or the like."


P.S. And Kate, why don't you, for the fun of it, look up the
intersecting histories of Mossedegh, Quentin (son of Teddy) Roosevelt,
and that Shah you speak of. I think I quoted a year or two ago Gandhi's
answer to the question of what he thought of Western Civilizaion -- "I
think it would be a good idea."
What charm?  It eludes me.  I can understand that some Americans may find a certain charm in the British royal family, but that interest is for the most part all about the "glamorous lifestyle" these people lead, i.e., what Diana wore or who Henry is dating.  And, indeed, I am a woman and although I'm not interested in who the young princes are dating, I admit that Diana's warddrobe does interest me somewhat at a certain level. But, we're talking about a Demoncrat country that keeps on a royal family for basically sentimental and economic (tourist) reasons, this royal family, in fact, possessing no real power in the Government.  I am not at all charmed by dictators and their regimes.  What charm do do you find in the type of dictatorial goverment that keeps their women enslaved and most of their people, male and female, poor and uneducated?