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objectively, the election was over who would make the best war leader.
Under those circumstances, the isolated ("abstract") 'free' (separated,
detached) individual would be quite sensible in following FDR's 1944
slogan, "Don't change horses in the middle of the stream." Hence the
election is by no means counter-evidence to Mao's "Trust the People."
No doubt, this is one of the reasons.  That much of the south and the heartland hold conservative social views, and many, though not all of such people, are born again Christians, is certainly another reason. Certainly, Ralph N. cannot be blamed this time. Certainly, indifference cannot be blamed in consideration of the high voter turn out. The main point of this election should be that the Democrats regroup and rethink.  I am not saying that they should ditch their ideals, but they must find a better way of presenting their ideals and making such ideals not just palatable, but desirable, to the average person.  And, they must avoid what the average person would consider extremism. In any case, since I don't believe that the mood and tune of the country is going to change any time soon, the next nominee for President cannot be Hillary or Edwards.