Advait Praturi wrote:
> 1. To what extent does Eliot implement myth into the Wasteland?

I've grabbed what I think are some of the significant myths
from TWL and listed them below.  I've left out scripture, Dante
and, for the most part, the English playwrights although I can
see a point for classifying them as myths too.

1) Sibyl
2) Tristan and Isolde
3) Hyacinth girl (Hyacinthus)
4) Aeneid (via Laquearia)
5) Philomel
6) Parsifal
7) Actaeon and Diana
8) Tiresias
9) Götterdämmerung
10) Voice of the Thunder
11) Philomel (Quando fiam uti chelidon)
12) Orpheus

What I see as odd here is the level of indirection employed.  Eliot
seems to allude to a work that brings up a myth about as much as to
a myth itself. That is the case with 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12.  I
bet something interesting could be made of that.

    Rick Parker