Eliot was in a group with something
of this principle behind it, with Dorothy Sayers
and Charles Wlliams. It was connected with a
downtown London church. He had great affection for
the Wren buildings. I remeber seeing the point
mentioned in a Dorothy Sayers bio. I don't
think the group used the name with a capital
C, but charity was obviously their pole star.


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Subject: Order of Caritas

In an essay writen by the polish poet Adam Zagajewski I found this
mention of TS: "Eliot's late directives advising poets to subject
themselves to an impersonal discipline and to enroll in the ranks of a
higher spiritual order, the order of caritas,..."
It is very important for me to find the text where TS Eliot spoke about
this "order of caritas" because till this day I was sure that this order
and its relation to poets and poetry was an invention of JosÚ Lezama
Lima, the great cuban poet.
┐Can you help me?
Thank you very much.

Ignacio Balcells
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