Thanks for passing this along. Religious freedom is very important, just like the exchanges we've had on the list over the past week or so. If any of us were an ideological dictator, life would be awful. Part of the beauty of America is that people are allowed to disagree with each other and even with government policies. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing. Of course, true freedom of speech is the ability always to  say the right thing, something each person no doubt longs for. I wish I had that kind of freedom!

Best wishes,

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I came across these two online petitions today.  I
think it is a very important issue on both sides of
it, for it involves faith on one hand, and liberty on
the other.  More than the question 'Is religion apart
criticism', I think it raises certain fundamental
issues on the nature of religious issues today.  I
believe it would concern us all here for we are
concerned with 'expression' in general and its bearing
on human life.

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