Well, he certainly won the vote in the psych. dept. at the University of
Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada) some years ago. I have a friend who worked
there, but got out very quickly after the big event. Apparently the dept.
(not including my friend) decided to teach nothing but the sayings of
Mao-baby in the little red book. The Chairman (of the dept) committed a
publicly rehearsed suicide, and the dept. was put into receivership to the
VP of the university.


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Forgive me, but I was hoping for a little more specificity.  Googling
did me little good, suggesting that something other than what the search
engine regards as "elections" determined the extent and duration of the
Chairman's power.  But then, anyone who reads the paper knows those
Google folks are capitalists, so perhaps they have biased the result to
The Great Man's detriment.

Tom K

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>He kicked ass.
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>> How did Mao fare in the elections he held, anyway?
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