I guess I'd just call them "educational centers," not "more educated." Perhaps it's just a different perspective.


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New England has an overabudance of colleges.  It is the high tech center of
the country.  California and NY are the movie, music and art centers.  All I
meant was that people in these states tend to pursue intellectual and artistic
pursuits in greater numbers than those in other states, and are exposed to
ideas different those those of their parents or those expressed on tv.

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I guess what I'm curious about, Kate, is this: just which are the
"uneducated" states? The ones with smaller cities?

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     I appreciate your comments here but I'm not sure I understand them
completely. You say that the "more educated" states voted for Kerry and the
educated" states for Bush
This is a generalization, of course, but not without some truth to it.