I appreciate your comments here but I'm not sure I understand them completely. You say that the "more educated" states voted for Kerry and the "less educated" states for Bush. How do you figure this? I have visited each of the continental states and have _generally_ found people equivalently educated from state to state (with rare exceptions). I thoroughly agree that people voted in this election based on worldview and not on the war - I think many commentators picked up on that reality early on. And you're right that America tends to be more Christian in some ways than modern Europe.
    When you reference this "Eastern wisdom" you wish the USA were tending toward, what do you mean? Perhaps it is merely the language barrier that prevented me from understanding your last paragraph, but I found the last sentence tragically stereotypical and untrue. If you are equating American Christianity or Christianity in general with inertia and emotional slogans, I don't think you're quite getting it. Perhaps you could give a clearer explanation of what you are getting at? I agree with you that Christianity does not have the disastrous tendencies of Islam, but from the definitions I found of "sattvic," true Christianity seems to fit the term quite well (endowed with a mellow, light and spiritual quality; equilibrium, harmony, clarity). Perhaps you mean simply that Christianity is not "the Eastern mystical approach," and therefore it is inferior? I'm simply interested in what you're trying to say. Thanks.


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I came across an interesting observation.  I would
like to know how the list members would look at it:


I guess I'm just stating the obvious, but I am in awe
of how profoundly Christian, in a conservative sense,
this country is. So different from Europe.

For those unfamiliar with America, the more educated
coastal states voted for Kerry and the less educated
middle states for Bush. It wasn't the Iraq war they
were voting for but 'conservative (i.e. Christian)
That seems to be the consensus of the journalists.

Those blasting conservative Christianity had better
take this into account, given America's role in the

I feel so disappointed. When the 'exit polls' seemed
to be predicting some kind of revolution, I had
secret, foolish thoughts that maybe some magical
change of consciousness was occurring, which
might ultimately move this country in the direction
of embracing Eastern wisdom, etc. I feel like an

Here is a hypothesis for explaining the strength of
Christianity: It is not so 'tamasic' (dark) as Islam,
so we don't have the cultural and political disaster
of the Middle East, but it is not 'sattvic' in the
sense of embracing an Eastern mystical approach
to spirituality. Therefore, the 'lumpenmasses' are
ruled by inertia, tradition, group identity and
emotional slogans from a president who has never
been accused of being thoughtful or intellectual.

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