Dear Nancy,

Well, this 5-student exchange and scholarship beween the University of
Padova and the University of Michigan is going to be started in Fall 2005
(from Sept. to Dec.).
I am going to apply because I've just agreed on the topic of my
specialisation thesis (something like the Anglo-Saxon M.A.), which is going
to deal with some quite unknown Cavalier poet from seventeenth-century
England. The books I need are expensive and the interlibrary loan gets to
be, too, when all the books you need have to be ordered from abroad. So, I
am going to apply basically for research purposes.
It doesn't sound like this will be possible. I'll have to take at least 12
credits there, by taking examinations which I don't actually need within my
studies' schedule (because it's already been decided).
Anyway, since I'm graduating on Renaissance English Literature, my idea was
trying to schedule courses on Renaissance Literature. Others from the list
wrote back to me, saying sections are just different parts of the same
course, so I assume one cannot attend 2 different sections of the same
course, which I'd planned to do.
My main options are the following (based on this year's programme), but, as
you can see, I chose 2 sections of the same course...

  a.. J.R. KNOTT, ENGLISH 370 (SECTION 001) - Studies in Medieval and
Renaissance Literature: Love and Heroism.   (4 credits)
  b.. S. ABBAS, ENGLISH 370 (SECTION 002) - Studies in Medieval and
Renaissance Literature: Religious and Intellectual Strife in Sixteenth
Century English Literature. (4 credits)
  c.. R.G. WILLIAMS, ENGLISH 367 (SECTION 001) - Shakespeare's Principal
Plays. (4 credits)
Optional choices:

  a.. L.L. BACK, ENGLISH 267 (SECTION 001) - Introduction to Shakespeare:
Shakespeare's Many Faces. (4 credits)
  b.. R.G. WILLIAMS, ENGLISH 370 (SECTION 004) - Studies in Medieval and
Renaissance Literature: general topics. (4 credits)
  c.. C. SANOK, ENGLISH 370 (SECTION 002) - Studies in Medieval and
Renaissance Literature: Bodies and Communities in Medieval and Early Modern
Literature. (4 credits)
It's annoying, because the most interesting topics all belong to English 370
and are all sections of the same course...
Whatever. I took the TOEFL test on Thursday, and I made no mistakes in the
three sections. Now I'm waiting for the essay section to be corrected.
I don't think I'll be able to get that scholarship (there's only 5 places).
In case I didn't make it, I'm going to apply for the Boston University
scholarship, whose deadline should be in February, and which has 10 places
I apologise for the long email. I still have to get in touch with any
professors about some help with the thesis: Linda Gregerson, Michael
Schoenfeldt, R.G. Williams, James White.
In the meantime, I thank you for your kindest help.
I hope everything is alright with you.
All the best,
Sara T

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> Dear Sara,
> What is the class and who are the professors?  I did my Ph.D at
> Michigan (wonderful university and wonderful place), and I may know some
> and be able to suggest.  I may not since it has been a long time.
> Best,
> Nancy