I was telling someone today that people hardly read novels anymore, never
mind poetry.  As for Eliot, I cannot see The Waste Land or Four Quartets  every
being just written off, but I believe that Stevens will end up as top  pooch.

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Joshua  Goldstein wrote:
>  This is the second time in just two  weeks that I have been made aware
that Eliot is not important now as he should  still be, and forever be.

Forever is a long time. Consider the  poets who belonged to pre-literate
societies and whose works died with  their voice or with the language of
the tribe. Someplace in Pound -- "Wave  falls / And the hand falls" (?)
How many today (other than specialist  scholars) read Pindar, Cavalcante,
Villon, or Chaucer?

Eliot  invigorated many intellects for over three-quarters of a century.
That is  something.