No doubt Carrol realizes this fact.  And, he even puts down France as a part
of Western Civilization.   I wonder then, does he want us to live like they do
in Arab countries, led by a Shah, a King or the like, where there is not much
education to be had outside of the very basics and the study of Islam, where
the women cannot work, drive or choose their own husbands in some cases, where
the majority of people are poorer than we can imagine. The explantion for
Carrol may be that he dreams of harems.



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Jacek Niecko wrote:
> Hasn't it occurred to you, you moron, that it is because of the "western
> civilization" for which you have so much stupid contempt, that today you are
> able to transmit such stupid garbage.
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Temper temper. Better check your blood pressure. :-)