Dear Will,
    I keep changing my mind about sending a reply to you.  I try hard
not to comment on others, but stay with their ideas.  But I don't know
what you do with what you write.

> The appropriate job of the Christian is the speak the truth in love
> (as truthful as he knows how to be, and as loving as he knows how to
> be -- and both are necessary). But it is God who persuades the heart.
> No emotional Crusades, no bitter wrangling. Just firm, sincere, but
> pleasant sharing of the light one has been given. How does that sound?

How?  As if you can't imagine that there are other people just as
serious about their lives and their truths as you are about yours.

And when you write

> Remember also, Marcia, that accepting Christ was meant to be the
> natural progression of Judaism.

I'm flabergasted.  You avoided answering my question about supersession,
but here you show that you do in fact think of Judaism as belonging to
Christianity.  I'll just say that this seems to me historically bizarre
and lazy thinking.  It is this sentence of yours that means I have to
reply, though I'd rather not.

I am grateful that you aren't a hypocrite, but must say that I am amazed
by your sureness.  It seems to allow you not to see, allows you to
excuse, your disregard of what others know, while smiling politely.