Dear Nancy,

That's not what was Marcia was saying, at least as I understood it. She
was asking, I believe, why you want these individuals to _cloak_their
prejudices by using neutral language? Not , I believe, whether others
were offended by that language, but touching instead on what lies
beneath it and properly in it.

Is it somehow inoffensive to use language to disguise existing
prejudices, whilst leaving those prejudices nestled comfortably in
place (as we can see from political correctness, changing the diction
does not change the mind's direction always, or not in the right ways,
etc)? Is there not something dangerous and frightening about others not
being able to see what is in the mind as well s the mouth (and being
offended instead by that)?

In any case, I would like to congratulate Marcia on her poetry reading
last Friday. Was any local lister able to attend?

Yours, Jennifer

On Wednesday, November 3, 2004, at 09:46  AM, Nancy Gish wrote:

> Dear Marcia,
> Two reasons:
> * I do know.  And I expect better of Gunnar, frankly.
> * If one says nothing, one is in complicity.  I feel everyone who is
> offended by such language should say so--early and often.
> Nancy
>>>> [log in to unmask] 11/03/04 10:07 AM >>>
> Why ask Gunnar and Kate to use language to hide their prejudices?
> Don't
> you want to know who you are dealing with?
> Marcia