I think "no coo" has more to do with the eagles than the hawks, Marcia.    I
know that a lot of people on this list, including myself, were very
disappointed today, but tonight I'm in a better, and more reflective, mood.  Maybe it
was those two hours working out at the gym. I really thought that Kerry would
carry Ohio, but then, I don't live in Ohio, and some of my assumptions about
Ohio and Ohio people may not have been on the mark.  I do live in Florida,
another big swing state, and I did believe that Kerry would lose Florida.  Reasons?
The main one is the Governor of Florida, who is significantly more
intelligent and effective than his brother.  Also, Jeb married an hispanic woman and we
have a signicant hispanic population in Florida. Another reason was the
hurricanes.  Four hurricanes in a two month period.  And believe me, the federal
governement sent assistance and money here ASAP after those hurricanes.



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Kate Troy wrote:

> There was an election and a winner and in a democracy, there is no coo
> after, just because almost half of the population wanted the other
> candidate to win.

Certainly not with the hawks around.