am 03.11.2004 22:09 Uhr schrieb Bob S.  unter [log in to unmask]:

> We should avoid pettiness and slanderous name calling, today is a day of
> national mourning.  I am writing in the middle of Harvard Square; people are
> crying and somber, even worse than 11/22/63 and 9/11/01.  I am unsure of my
> future; flee the country or fight.  I am leaning to the former, how can I
> assocaite myself with the people of the United States who voted for this
> moronic asshole into office not once but twice.
> Bob Summers
> _________________________________________________________________

Dear Bob,

remembering the December afternoon  we strode across Harvard Square a short
while ago (we, being Marcia, you Rick and I), imagining the things this
great nation would be able to achieve, I feel very much the same you do.

The thought how so many suffering domestic and foreign topics might have
been turned towards the better, how peace might have been brought to the
Middle East and intercontinental relations would have been improved -- all
this shall remain a perpetual possibility, only in a world of speculation.

Unlike your draft dodging former and new Prez, you, my dear Bob, have served
your country in Nam, and the reigning administration has screwed you by
withholding your disability pension.

I can understand your feelings of bitterness. Stay. Fight. Many times the
Land of the Free has proved its exceptional capacity of to overcome the
worst leaders, to rejuvenate itself and to start anew.

Methinks I scent the morning air: Hillary for '08!



"Das Ewigweibliche zieht uns hinan."
Goethe, Faust II