Open to anyone who has something to say:

I have started researching for an extended essay which is due in a year or
so...if you have any good ideas, comments, criticisms etc. on the 'mythical
method', that would be useful.

I have three questions:

1. To what extent does Eliot implement myth into the Wasteland?
2. How does myth serve as a parallel between the conemporary age and
3. In his essay 'Tradition and the Individual Talent', what does Eliot mean
when he says "the emotion of art is impersonal" and what does he mean by
"the substantial unity of the soul"?

From what I understand of Eliot's Impersonal Theory of Poetry, I am
supposing that he says poetry is a medium through which a poet expresses the
elements of an age. Poetry should not be defined by discrete detail of
different ages, but it should be a viewed as a whole. The poet is merely a
catalyst for this exchange and flow of emotion and feeling to take place,
without himself or herself affecting the poem with his own personality. This
is what I infer from the essay. I may be wrong.

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