The following is from Nicholas Kristoff's blog that
contains comments on his columns in the New York
Times. I believe that that the professor from
Princeton use of the  "condescending" is very apt. As
such, it is a good example of one variety of
commentary that has appeared recently. Note especially
that the learned professor knows the "facts." Perhaps
that is the problem.

From Kristoff's blog:

"Then a self-described “liberal elitist college
professor” from Princeton writes:

You are probably right that middle America finds
liberals to be arrogant and elitist. But we liberals
could not do more to confirm this opinion than to tell
the people of middle America that they don't know what
is good for them. How condescending! Middle America
has told the liberal elite pretty clearly that it
doesn't want our help. Nor should we pretend to share
values with the Republicans' less fortunate supporters
that we do not share---values like basing public
policy on faith rather than facts. To do so would be
hypocritical, and middle America won't need to be very
sophisticated to spot hypocrisy in people it already
dislikes. I say let middle America sleep in the bed it
has made for itself until reality intrudes upon its
slumbers. When that day comes, progress may be
possible. Until then, let us cultivate our own
gardens. "

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