I wrest my case.

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> As would seem a mojority of north american society.
> The irony is that we
> have pretty
> much lost a common know;edge of the bible, which is
> a very
> significant element in our culture.
> Before WWII one could, apparently, count on most of
> one's students knowing
> the Bible, so Biblical allusions barely needed
> explanation. Now.....

A local radio host had a program where he made the
same point. He had made a comment that it would take
"the Wisdom of Solomon" to solve a certain problem. No
one in the high school class that he was addressing
knew who or what Solomon was. He made this a topic on
his program and asked people who called in who or what
Solomon was. No one could offer a guess until one man
with a middle-aged voice commented confidently that it
was Solomon as in "Solomon and Gomorrah."

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