I agree.Somewhere in the Bible it says: "Be thou either
hot or cold. If thou art neither hot nor cold I will
vomit thee out of my mouth."

Appetising, no?


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Nancy Gish wrote:

>Two reasons:
>* I do know.  And I expect better of Gunnar, frankly.
>* If one says nothing, one is in complicity.  I feel everyone who is
>offended by such language should say so--early and often.
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>Why ask Gunnar and Kate to use language to hide their prejudices?
>you want to know who you are dealing with?
Dear Nancy,
    I didn't suggest you not say anything, early and often.  I wondered
why you and Tom would ask that language be withdrawn.  You wrote:

>I hope as Tom asked, that Gunnar withdraws his hateful term for Polish
>people, and I hope Kate will withdraw her hateful and frankly silly
>terms for Teresa Kerry.
Both Gunnar and Kate say they are sticking with what they say, and I am
glad.  I'd rather hear hate from those who hate than a prettied-up
language that disguises.  The language will take care of itself when
hate, ignorance, and self-satisfaction are taken care of.