Then there was the red-blood cell that tried
to cross from one vein to another and got eaten by
an anti-body. The moral is, don't change streams
in the middle of a horse.


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Subject: Re: (OT) US Elections:  Allustions to 'christianity'

William Gray wrote:
> Obla, I thoroughly agree that people voted in this election based on
worldview and not on the war

I would not venture even to speculate  on how the isolated individuals
of capitalist society, each in his/her own prison, make up their minds
on so free-floating a decision as voting. But it is worth noting that,
_objectively_, both candidates agreed that we were at war. Hence,
objectively, the election was over who would make the best war leader.
Under those circumstances, the isolated ("abstract") 'free' (separated,
detached) individual would be quite sensible in following FDR's 1944
slogan, "Don't change horses in the middle of the stream." Hence the
election is by no means counter-evidence to Mao's "Trust the People."