My fiscally conservative accountant cousin in Idaho
bad-mouthed Kerry for marrying into the Heinz fortune.
He didn't bother to mention that she was a republican
until two years ago, married to very respectable repub-
lican Senator Heinz who died of a heart attack. Perhaps
there is a sense of betrayal at work.

Mind you, my cousin, salt of the earth and a very loving
person, carries a pistol, and threatens to shot any
officer of the law he sets eyes on.

An interesting culture indeed.


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I'm sorry but speaking as if there is something wrong or offensive in
being "foreign" is hateful.  And calling any woman "uppity" draws on
centuries of misogyny and is also hateful.  The language is shameful no
matter who said it.

I agree the Democrats have to find new ways to tap into the feelings of
many in the middle of the country.

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I hope as Tom asked, that Gunnar withdraws his hateful term for Polish
people, and I hope Kate will withdraw her hateful and frankly silly
terms for Teresa Kerry.  I wish to assure European people that we are
not all shamefully jingoistic.
My remarks about Teresa Kerry were not hateful and not even my
perception of
her, but, unfortunately, it is the perception of some of my
acquaintance.  My
husband likes her very much and I don't have anything against her,
though I
think her speech at the convention was too high-toned and too long.
That is
great news about Maine.  Also, New Hampshire this time went Democrat.
There is
some good news, but unfortunately, mostly bad news.  Again, we lost the
Presidency and we lost at least two seats in the Senate and House seats,
as well.
Unfortunately, New England, the West Coast states and the northern
states aren't enough, to elect a President or take control of the
Democrats must make progress in other parts of the country.  In my
opinion, the
South has gone hopelessly Republican.  Therefore, the Democrats should
concentrate on particularly western states and introduce candidates who
fit the
sensibilities of that area, candidates who are more conservative than
those in New
England and California, as the Republicans do when running in more
states, i.e., the Governor of California.