On Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 01:43:57PM -0500, William Gray wrote:
> George,
>      This was not very kind. This expression is the same kind of impetus that has driven
>      anti-semitism and fascism. Christians are as imperfect as everyone else is. Your
>      comments here betray a lack of understanding -- both of Christianity and of
>      humanity. And by the way, if you do secretly wish for a second coming that will take
>      away the Christians, have you not thought about what happens to those who are left?
>      Just curious. It may not be something you really care to wish for.

I was being facetious.  And note the quotes around 'Christians'; I know that there are
true, honest, non-hypocritical Christians (although I still think they're misguided and,
well, wrong).  It's just all of the rest of them that get my goat.

I don't really understand why you link my comments to antisemitism or fascism.
Although you're welcome to call me a misanthrope...


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