> The idea of eschewing wealth is not universal in
> Christianity. In particular, it is not universally
> accepted in Protestantism or the faith of the Church
> of England, which Elliot took up. There is a strong
> millenarian tendency in Anglicanism. Followers believe
> that by supporting their families and creating a more
> prosperous world, they are doing God?s work and loving
> their neighbour. In doing so, they are creating God?s
> kingdom in this world.

And the whole 'camel through the eye of the needle' stuff
refers to a certain gate in Jerualem, of course.  *cough*.

I like to think that there *will* be a second coming of
Christ, just so that all of the supposed 'Christians' will get
their just deserts...


"What does it take to make our world come alive?
What does it take to make us sing?"