I suppose this was merely abbreviation for convenience sake. When I said "Pound cut back," I meant "Pound suggested to be cut back" (as opposed to a decision made by Eliot alone or by Vivienne). As Eliot admitted, Pound's interaction was like a "caesarean" section delivery on the poem. So I don't think Eliot would have a problem with the way I expressed things. But I do appreciate that you make this distinction between suggestion and action (which I do as well).
    Did you have any thoughts on what was in the "Death by Water" section in Eliot's manuscripts?


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Dear Listers,

Once again, in discussions of the TWL drafts, I think it is erroneous
to refer to what Pound altered, expunged, etc. Pound did not write TWL
; Eliot did. Pound did not _revise_ TWL; Eliot did.

Pound edited TWL, at Eliot's request. Sometimes, TSE took up Pound's
suggestions or heeded his advice and criticisms; sometimes he didn't.

Pound did not, therefore, as Will put it, 'cut back' Death by Water.
Eliot did.

Yours, Jennifer
On Tuesday, October 19, 2004, at 09:28  AM, William Gray wrote:

> Yes, I think people are just taking a break. We need some good
> discussion topics to get things revived again. It seems like we've
> gone for several months without engaging Eliot or his works in a
> significant way. There are some interesting tidbits here and there,
> but no meaty discussions.
> I have no idea if this is a topic anyone is interested in, but I have
> been doing some initial research on the "Death by Water" section of
> TWL. Would anyone care to talk about this section as it was in the
> manuscripts? This was the section that Pound cut back the most, and I
> often wonder what the poem would have been like with the entire
> section intact. Any takers?
> Cheers,
> Will
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