I have a copy of Poems Written in Early Youth, and I think it's well worth getting, if you like the more lyrical side of Eliot. It's fairly easy to find on used book websites.


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Dear Rick,

Although you are right that these poems do not appear in Eliot's
Complete Poems (not Collected; but then not quite so complete, either),
they _do_ appear in a late published book, 'Poems Written in Early
Youth' . This was compiled by Hayward and privately printed in 1950, as
presents to friends of TSE, I believe; however, according to Hayward,
the book generated so much interest that Mrs Eliot had a trade edition
printed in 1967; she remarks that Eliot oversaw the collection.

Poems Written in Early Youth is listed and described under Gallup A56
a, b, c. Additionally, the Harvard Advocate poems were reprinted in a
facsimile anthology released by the Advocate. I will send publication
details of this if anyone would like them.

Yours, Jennifer
On Thursday, September 30, 2004, at 01:30  AM, Rickard A Parker wrote:

> I have just put up a new webpage on my website that contains the poems
> of Eliot's that were published by the Harvard Advocate while he
> attended Harvard University.  These poems do *not* appear in Eliot's
> 'Collected Poems.'  Perhaps the most well-known are 'Circe's Palace'
> and 'Spleen.'
> A line from 'Nocturne' is:
>     Blood looks effective on the moonlit ground--
> Regards,
>     Rick Parker