I'm sure you understand that we don't mind reading Four Quartets. Speaking for myself, it's my favorite of Eliot's poems. But I think we'd rather read it in a context that we can all enjoy. I'm glad you like baseball. I think we're all simply asking that you share this kind of email with your friends who share these interests with you, and not on a list purportedly confined to discussing Eliot. Or, if you care to share things that are off-topic, feel free! Just add "OT:" to the beginning of your subject line, and we'll all know. Thanks!


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Will, I think my subject lines are pretty obvious, and I can't add the OT
now, for that may upset the Karma of the Red Sox Nation.  Since the Sox have won
it all thus far, we are not changing anything we do regarding them.  I am not
a superstitions person at all normally, but the Red Sox have not won the World
Series since 1918, and so I will go along with it all.  As for Carrol's
comment, I have to say that as far as this List is concerned, I love poetry and I
love the Red Sox.  Many poets have loved Baseball, such as Marianne Moore; they
have seen the mythical in it.  Anyone here see Field of Dreams? In any case,
if I choose to quote Eliot, my way of giving luck to this silly team, then why
should it annoy anybody.  Why should anybody here be annoyed at reading
verses from Four Quartets.  For those who for some reason are annoyed, the last
possible game will take place on October 31st, but hopefully, it will all be over
long before that.



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William Gray wrote:
> Kate,
>     Would you do us the courtesy of marking these posts "Off-Topic" in the
subject line? Thanks!

Be thankful when she sticks to topics less hair-raising that her
frequent orgies of jingoism. :-)