This is your absentee listowner. :) TSEBase, my online concordance to
Eliot's Collected Poems 1909-1962, has been substantially revised and, I
hope, improved. The impetus for this was a joint project with John N. Serio
of the Wallace Stevens Society to provide a Stevens concordance for their
website, The much greater volume of the Stevens canon
demanded that I provide some faster and better search algorithms and
options, which I have applied to the Eliot concordance as well. Both
concordances are now in place, though I know of at least two relatively
small problems that remain to be resolved before I will be happy with the
Stevens one, and more may well turn up. I would be very grateful for
suggestions for improvements to either, including notes about the errors I
have inevitably overlooked.

The URL of the new Eliot concordance is

The old URL will still work, though it will give you a note about updating
links and will forward all search queries to the new one.

That the TSE list website as a whole is now a strange mix of obsolete and
current material I am only too well aware. Suggestions for revisions to the
site are also welcome, though the delay between suggestion and action is
likely to be longer due to limited time. First on my personal list would be
the conversion of the list archives from the foundation of the list in
1995--yes, they do exist--to make them web-accessible through the list
software now used on the MU server, but negotiations with the local
administrators about this have so far produced indefinite delay.

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions--


Greg Foster
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Founder and co-Listowner, TSE

"High art is the refinement, not the antithesis, of popular art." --T. S.