Jennifer Formichelli wrote:
> Although you are right that these poems do not appear in Eliot's
> Complete Poems (not Collected; but then not quite so complete, either),
> they _do_ appear in a late published book, 'Poems Written in Early
> Youth' .

I did make a mistake with the book title but only by not adding the
dates: "Collected Poems: 1909-1962."  This is the book that I have and
is listed in Gallup as A74.  There is also "The Complete Poems and
Plays 1909-1950" (Gallup, A60.)  I don't have a copy of this but Gallup
does say what is in it and the Harvard poems aren't.  I should probably
generate version 2 of my page to include both Eliot books.

Besides the poems, I have a fair number of notes on the page including
the poems' publication history and even where the drafts of some can
be found.  The notes are in section:

> Additionally, the Harvard Advocate poems were reprinted in a
> facsimile anthology released by the Advocate. I will send publication
> details of this if anyone would like them.

More on the Harvard Advocate reprints:

I could have added more on the reprints to the webpage but I didn't see
much added value since I had the poems there anyway.

    Rick Parker