For a bit of fun I Googled
"John Kerry" "T.S. Eliot"
"George W. Bush" "T.S. Eliot"
and looked for highly listed but interesting direct connections
between the candidates and the poet.

Here is what I got:

    Waxing Poetic
        Kerry might want to reread "Prufrock."
    The National review, a conservative journal, on hearing of Kerry
    quoting Eliot:
        The irony of Kerry, with his reputation for taking both sides of
        every issue, quoting from "Prufrock" seems to have been lost on
        both the candidate and the columnist. The two main characteristics
        of the Prufrock persona are his indecision and his utter inability
        to say precisely what he means: [more]

    George W. Bush, poet
    A poem written by Bush is criticized.  A quote:
        Like T.S. Eliot, Bush is  demonstrating  that  authentic
        communication, even between man and wife, is impossible.

    Rick Parker