Peter Montgomery wrote:
> So tell us, Jennifer, why was Eliot so
> compliant with E.P's and Viv's cuttings?

I'm going to butt in here (yeah, again) with this repeat of TSE:

    and when the words are finally arranged in the right way ...
    he may experience a moment of exhaustion, of appeasement,
    of absolution, and of something very near annihilation,
    which is in itself indescribable. And then he can say to the poem:
    'Go away! Find a place for your self in a book--and don't expect
    me to take any further interest in you.'

You could say that, until Eliot handled Pound's suggestions, the poem
was not arranged in the right way but I think that Eliot was done
with the exorcism right after Lausanne.

    Rick Parker