Sorry. I sent that before I proofed it. Here's a better version.

Another possibility would be a discussion of Sang-Kyong Lee's
article  "The Eastern Spiritual World and the Dramatic Works
of T.S. Eliot." Lee has provided a pretty convincing parallel
betweeen MITC and the Japanese Noh play. Given that Eliot's
1916 experience of Yeat's "At he Hawk's Well", an adaptation of Noh,
convinced Eliot that drama was his metier, Lee's observations are
paritcularly pertinent.


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Yes, I think people are just taking a break. We need some good
discussion topics to get things revived again. It seems like we've gone
for several months without engaging Eliot or his works in a significant
way. There are some interesting tidbits here and there, but no meaty

I have no idea if this is a topic anyone is interested in, but I have
been doing some initial research on the "Death by Water" section of TWL.
Would anyone care to talk about this section as it was in the
manuscripts? This was the section that Pound cut back the most, and I
often wonder what the poem would have been like with the entire section
intact. Any takers?


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