Hmmm. Interesting. It is a case of which came first,
the code or the saying.

Still, does that affect the interpretation of Sosostris?
The idea that it may have been generated by code adds to
the resonance -- makes it a deeper allusion. There were
of course other popular culture (that's not really the
portmanteau word I want, but it will have to do) elements
in the poem, like the Shakespearian rag, and good night

Has anyone ever explored the newspaper-like characteristics of
The Waste Land?

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Peter Montgomery wrote:
> Is SOS not the morse code abbreviation for Save Our Souls?

It didn't stand for anything.  It was chosen to be distinctive
when heard over the radio.

While in Morse code an S is three dots and an O is three
dashes, the distress signal is not SOS because that would
include a pause between each letter.  The distress signal
is three dots followed by three dashes followed by three
dots, all sent as one character.

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