Charicature? ;->

Presumably the Sosos has to do with morse code.
I've seen people trying to link in soutair (sp?), the french
wourd for saviour, as well.


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The Sesostris section of "Crome Yellow" (no "h") is part of my framed
TWL website.  I've copied it to an easier to get to section of my site.
The webpage has the first half of chapter 27.  It is pretty short--and

As I remember Eliot's acknowledgement was along the lines of "I guess
I must have gotten it from Huxley then."  His copy of the book had an
annotation in it that indicated that he identified Scogan as being a
characture of Bertrand Russell.

    Rick Parker

Peter Montgomery wrote:
> My Huxley source provided the following:
> a: In Huxley's Crome Yellow (1921), Mr Scogan disguises himself as
>    Sesostris, Sorceress of Ecbatan. Apparently (according to Patricia
>    Sloan), Eliot acknowledged Huxley as his source for Mme Sosostris.
>    Still can't find the page reference in CY, however, despite a quick
>    text crawl. It's there though. Too bad Project Gutenberg isn't
>    easier to do a word search on--it has Crome Yellow available.
> b: The Sesostris source for Eliot is in chapter 27 of Crome Yellow
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