No. If you can't stand the gum beat, get out of the reverberatory.


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Blather, blather, blather-

Is there any limit to it?

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Pound had a gift of creative perception that was really
quite unique, and certainly very
distinct from any of Eliot's talents.

If Peter is trying to say that Pound had editing talent, then I believe
that is true.  Certainly, today, authors often engage editorial
assistance or the publishing companies provide them with such
assistance, though this is unusual with poetry.  However, The Waste Land
is an unusual poem and a lengthy one.  Stevens also wrote some lengthy
poems, such as The Man With the Blue Guitar and The Comedian as the
Letter C, but he was without an editor, as there was no need for an
editor. Still, The Waste Land is a brilliant poem.  Is there a copy
floating around someplace on the internet without the editing, as Eliot
had it originally?