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> > And how, most of all, could such a unity be 'constructed' by
> > excision?
>Sun, moon, puppy, stars, candle


That's the problem for the "Pound did it" camp. His suggestions were not,
as above,  in relation to some otherwise unconnected words. To say it would
not have been the same poem had E not taken (some of) P's suggestions is
not the same thing as to say that without Pound's suggestions the poem has
no unity (a particularly poignant claim from those who are not sure anyhow
that it has unity). Eliot somewhere says that Pound's strength as an editor
was his ability to see what the other person was trying to accomplish and
to make his suggestions in accord with that goal, not to layer his own
preferences, etc., on top. That is an admirable trait (always in too short
supply!), but note that it does not counter a deficiency; rather, it builds
on a positive (an already recognizable goal).

Ken A.