The Indiana University Department of Germanic Studies presents its:

*5th Biennial Graduate Student Conference, February 18-20, 2005*

"Looking Forward, Looking Back: Image, Imagination, and Media"

Geoffrey Winthrop-Young
Department of Central, Eastern and North European Studies
University of British Columbia

The term “image” bears various meanings, literal and figurative, receptive and
productive.  In a literal sense, images are pictures or other visual
representations.  These images are either created reproductively and
constitute memory and identity or they are constructed productively to
generate fantasies of something new.  “Image,” on the other hand, can also be
defined as reputation or outward presentation of identity, that is, how an
individual or group is perceived or would like to be perceived either by
observers or constituents.  In light of recent debates on such issues as the
representation and reception of collective memory, monuments and
commemoration, and national identity, as well as linguistic discussions on the
derivation of form and meaning, this conference will engage in examinations of
images and their roles in imagination and media as they are relevant to the
field of Germanic Studies.

This conference aims to consider questions such as the following:  What
mechanisms of imagination are involved in literary and other aesthetic
production, as well as in language competence?  What roles do image,
imagination, and media play in the processes of identity formation and
community building?  How is imagination represented and/or steered by the
media?  In linguistics, what can a limited access to media, such as older
Germanic texts, still convey about a language or dialect?  How can views of
history such as nostalgia, collective memory, Vergangenheitsbewältigung, etc.
be explored using the concepts of image, imagination, and media?  What role do
national memories and/or fantasies play in international and domestic decision-

We invite contributions that explore image, imagination, and media in all
their manifestations.  The conference welcomes papers from all areas of
Germanic Studies that investigate these issues, and encourages
interdisciplinary and comparative scholarship that places German and
Germanic Studies in a larger context.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

Germany's Literary and Cinematic Memory
Memento Mori: Memory, Memorial, Death
Nostalgia and Utopia
Visions and Images of the Political
Bilderflut and Bilderverbot
Creating Myths
PF and LF: Form and Meaning
Mapping the Language
Reality and Illusion/Dreams/Fiction
Medializations: Media, Globalization, and Subjectivity
Imagination of the Other
Queer Eye for German Literature
Images and Narratives
Historical Dialects and their Media
Imagery in Older Germanic Literature

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